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Rainbow Walking Stick collection
**NOTE: Rainbow colour not available

Rainbow Walking Stick collection

Price: $149.00
Part # :RBH

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Rainbow Hiking Sticks are handmade for and have up to 23 pieces of natural wood laminated together to make not just a hiking stick, but a work of art. Each of these canes are individually turned which means there won't be two alike. The come complete with a built in compass on the top, so you will never get lost. The colour pattern and the twisted shaft really make this hiker fun and fashionable.

Remember to Walk in Style and Walk in with a Smile ®

Rainbow Hiking Sticks (Sad news, the factory has burned down, so this product is slowly being restocked with new colours)

Product Selection

  • RBH-02 Caribbean Wave (NEW)
  • RBH-04 Plum
  • RBH-05 Red and Black
  • RBH-06 Field and Stream
  • RBH-07 Bean
  • RBH-14 Royal Jacaranda (NEW)


Length - approx. 50" 
Tip Size - 1 1/8" #2100-08
Weight of Hiker - approximately 1.25 Lbs
Weight Bearing - up to 250 Lbs

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