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Straight Adjustable and Folding Backcountry Aluminum Hikers

aluminum_green_f500x500.jpgAluminum hikers, much like wooden walking sticks, are a companion used by both casual and avid hikers to help keep balance, plus reduce stress and pressure on knees, back and hips.

Using a walking staff gives extra power to the hiker when going up hills and acts as a stabilizer while going down hills, wading through streams and negotiating over deadfall.

Essentially, a hiker becomes a third leg giving added protection and support. While most have wrist straps it is important to note that when on inclines or rough terrain, you should not have the wrist strap attached to 1488_adj_hiker_f500x500.jpgyou since a fall could result in the hiker becoming entangled and harming you.


Our Folding Backcountry Aluminum Hiker at its shortest length measures approx 50" and is meant to be used like a trekking pole. We have several adjustable and folding hiker products suited to travel and storage needs. We also have full size wood hiking sticks in many styles and materials.

The compatibility and adjust-ability of aluminum hikers make them perfect for camping or traveling.
When they are not being used, they can be easily and compactly stored away in a suit case, trunk or back pack.

How to Measure Yourself for a Walking / Hiking Stick

  • There is no hard and fast rule for measuring yourself for a walking or hiking staff.
  • The only rule you need to follow is to have your elbow bent at a right angle or 90 degrees to the hiker when you are walking on flat ground.
  • For this reason we recommend that you measure the distance from the ground to the top of your hand when your elbow is bent at a right angle.
  • Once you have this measure, we suggest adding no less than two inches onto it.
  • The extra length will allow the walking or hiking stick to extend in front of you while walking down inclines.
  • Most people like hikers that are shoulder to chin length.
  • Remember, they can easily be cut later, after you have walked a few miles, but are very tough to make longer if we cut it for you.

Trekking Poles

147900carbon_f182x263.jpgAluminum and Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are great for exercising and general walking support.

They are made similar to cross country ski poles and are used to match each step a person takes.

When using trekking poles the user can increase their heart rate without drastically increasing their exertion rate.

This form of exercising also gives the users arms, shoulders, upper chest and back muscles a full range of motion work out.

Proper use of trekking poles encourages good posture which is important to staying limber and healthy.

Sizing for trekking poles

  • To determine the length of a trekking pole you will use, first stand up straight wearing the foot wear appropriate to your activity.
  • Next, ensure your shoulders are relaxed.
  • From here measure 2 or 3 inches below the armpit.
  • Once you have determined the correct length, adjust the poles to this by using a twisting motion to unlock and then to re-lock the intersecting portions of each section.

Walking with Trekking poles

  • To walk correctly on flat terrain with the trekking poles your elbow is to be bent at a 90 degree angle.
  • As one foot is planted on the ground the opposite arm is extended and the trekking pole is planted on the ground.
  • This motion is very similar to cross country skiing.
  • As you are walking, remember to maintain your posture in an upright position.
  • When walking on steep inclines you might find walking with the trekking poles along with the same leg more supportive.
  • On declines, the trekking poles should be extended in front of you to help keep you stable.
  • Some find having the poles at two different lengths while traversing uneven ground helpful.

Contact information

It is our goal to help everyone Walk with a Smile and to Walk in Style ®. We invite you to look through our selection of walking canes and hiking sticks on our online store and to call us with any questions at 1-866-217-8091.