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Alpacca Crook Walking Cane
Alpacca Crook Walking Cane

Alpacca Crook Walking Cane

Price: $349.00
Part # :0121-00

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Alpacca Crook Walking Canes - Alpacca (65% copper, 19% zinc, 14% nickel and 2% silver) is also known as German Silver and looks very similar to sterling silver but is stronger and doesn't tarnish as quickly. The shaft is made from a hardwood and is finished with a black laquer.

Now this is a walking stick for those who are looking for the perfect accessory to complete their formal attire.

Alpacca handles are originally hollow and then filled when attached to the hardwood shaft. If weight is not directly applied over the shaft, it can weaken the handle. This handle is approx. 7/8" wide and can be used for light weight bearing or for balance only.

Product Selection

  • 0121-00 Grove Alpacca Crook
  • 0133-00 Waves of Grain Crook
  • 0134-00 Hexagon Alpacca Crook


  • Length - approx. 36"
  • Tip Size - 3/4" or 18 mm (#18008 or #39808)
  • Weight Bearing - light weight bearing and balance up to 170 Lbs

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