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Alpacca Fritz Cane
Alpacca Fritz Cane

Alpacca Fritz Cane

Price: $349.00
Part # :0125-00

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0125-00 Alpacca Fritz - Alpacca is also known as German Silver and is made of 65% copper, 19% zinc, 14% nickel and 2% silver. A nice cane can help us feel better about ourselves as well as draw attention away from our injury. Our Alpacca canes make it easy to Walk in Style ®.

Alpacca handles are originally hollow and then filled when attached to the hardwood shaft. The fritz handle is made so the user will bear their weight directly over the shaft.

**New tips now available for those looking for a less medical looking tip. The Dress Tip or cap is best suited for canes that will be used occasionally as they will wear faster than our 1700-08 or 0397-08 tips if used daily.

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Available Styles.

  • 0125-00 Alpacca with black maple shaft MORE STOCK ARRIVING AUGUST 2023


  • Length - approx. 36"
  • Tip Size - 5/8" #1700-08, #0397-08
  • Weight Bearing - light weight bearing and balance up to 180 Lbs

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