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Brazo Root Knob walking stick
Brazo Root Knob walking stick

Brazo Root Knob walking stick

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Brazo Root Knob Walking Cane
1" diameter

2 lengths: 37" or 40"


One word probably describes these canes the best: character. Our stick makers harvest these natural root creations from accessible roots of various hardwood trees using renewable, eco-friendly techniques. The hardwoods vary, but are often times sumac, hawthorne, or something similar. Each piece is different from the next, and our skilled craftsmen take care to make sure that each walking cane is properly sanded, smoothed, and protected with a clear coat of lacquer. The lacquer helps to bring out the wood’s intrinsic beauty and transforms a mere root into something you’ll be proud to call your own. The final result, as you can see, is a cane that only nature itself could fashion, and it's perfect for just about any occasion where a sturdy walking companion is preferred. All of our walking sticks and walking canes are handcrafted by our own craftsmen in Texas (Made in the USA!) using only the finest time-tested methods and woodworking tools.
5 Stars
Brazo Root Knob Walking Stick
*E-mail from customer* I would be happy to review the walking sticks. My wife really enjoys hers when we walk the dogs up in Nose Hill Park. It is comfortable in her hand, and provides her with an added measure of stability while walking. I like mine for the same reasons. I find the knob very comfortable in my hand. The sticks are substantial, and at the same time not too heavy. Thanks Canes Canada! John and Samantha
Reviewed by:  from Calgary. on 6/25/2019

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