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Part #:3206

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3206 Hiking Tip - This tip is made from impact resistant plastic with a galvanized plated steel center screw and comes with rubber tip to cover the spike for use on pavement or flooring. These can be fit onto the bottom of most wooden canes or hiking staffs for a sure grip on gravel, ice, and snow. Installation is required for this item. The cane/hiking staff bottom must be sized to accommodate tapered ferrule.

Sizes are determined by measuring the inside diameter.

  • 20mm or 3/4" - 3206-20
  • 22mm or 7/8" - 3206-22
  • 24mm or 15/16" - 3206-24
  • 26mm or 1" - 3206-26
  • 28mm or 1 1/4" - 3206-28

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