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Chrome Plated Embossed Fritz Cane

Chrome Plated Embossed Fritz Cane

Price: $119.00
Part #:7634-00

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7634-00 The Chrome Plated Embossed Fritz - This cane is for those looking for more than just a cane. This fashion statement is chrome plated on hard plastic and attached to a shiny black hardwood shaft and finished off with a decorative chrome ring.

Because metal handles will take on the weather around them, people with arthritis may find walking with them uncomfortable. A cane made from a hard plastic makes using a dressy cane like the Chrome Plated Embossed Fritz cane possible. Metal handles are sometimes too heavy, vs the lighter plastic core handle, so for some people, this is a very important feature to consider before buying a cane.

  • Length - approx 36 3/4"
  • Collar - ring
  • Tip Size - 5/8" or 16mm (#0397-08)
  • Weight Bearing - up to 170 Lbs

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