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Discounted Wooden Seat Cane - 32" - dents in the foam seat
Discounted Wooden Seat Cane - 32' - dents in the foam seat

Discounted Wooden Seat Cane - 32" - dents in the foam seat

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Discounted Wooden Seat Cane - 32" - With a light weight wooden frame and foam covered seat, this seat cane is both strong and comfortable to use. Seat canes are great for camping, golfing, line ups or just for resting while you are enjoying a walk.

The handles are made from up to 23 pieces of natural wood laminated together in a variety of colours. 

When using a seat cane you must straddle the seat so that the handle is in front. This way you will have a balanced stance while sitting as well as a handle to push up on when standing up.

Reason for discount:

There are dents in the foam seat. This imperfection does not affect the style or use of this seat cane.


  • Length - approx 32" standing height
  • Seat Height - 20" in sitting position
  • Seat Cane Weight- approx. 2.8 Lbs
  • Seat Dimensions - 9" x 9"
  • Weight Bearing - 350 Lbs
  • User's Height - a person who is approx. 5' - 5'5" could walk with this length
  • Handle Colour - Grey and natural wood-toned

*** Please note, the suggested length of a seat cane for an individuals height is only approximate. It is best to measure the user to obtain their specific cane height before purchasing a non adjustable seat cane.

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