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Hand Carved Dog Canes
Hand Carved Dog Canes

Hand Carved Dog Canes

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0006 Hand Carved Dog Canes or Custom Canes - Rick's canes are carved in the tradition of great masters - one at a time.

The two faces shown in the picture are two of Rick's custom pieces of art. His caricatures are both fun and functional. Each unique piece will definitely be a conversation starter.

Rocky Mountain Juniper is found growing here in North America in areas with dry rocky or sandy soil. Because it is slow growing, pieces that are two to three inches in diameter are well over 100 years old. These pieces are more than just a cane, they are history. For this reason, the artist uses naturally dried wood to create canes and hikers. The Canadian Aboriginal people used this wood for making bows, clubs, and spoons.

All of Ricks creations are oiled rather than lacquered. An oiled wood provides protection against fading while allowing the wood to breathe. You can use Brazilian Rosewood Oil once a year to maintain your cane if required.

  • Wood - Rocky Mountain Juniper Shaft
  • Length - custom
  • Tip Size Ð varies
  • Weight Bearing - up to 250 Lb
  • Wait Time - may take 4 - 6 weeks to complete
  • CALL US TO DISCUSS YOUR OPTIONS - 1-866-217-8091

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