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Popular Choices

Popular Choices from Canes Canada

Like the name says, here are some of our most popular products and staff choices for our Canes, Walking sticks, Hiking Staffs and Forearm Crutches.

We each have our own mobility need, and with the help of Canes Canada, you can match this need to your personality and sense of style.


Occasional use Canes


Daily use Canes

7635-00_f500x500.jpgBlack Beauty Palm Grip

Formal Canes

statesman collection.jpg


Travel & Folding Canes


Unique or Colorful Canes

BARLEY.jpg1-0741-51mustang_f182x263.jpg thats_a_lot_main_f182x263.jpg

Animal Head Canes


Walking Sticks

Rustic & Natural Walking Sticks

 Natural Chestnut Walking Stick

Hiking Sticks

Rustic & Natural Hiking Sticks


Turned and Finished Hiking Sticks

Exotic and Colorful Hiking sticks

rainbow_hv_f500x500_thumbnail.jpgtitlepageriver_f182x263.jpg Exoticwoodshikers2.jpg

Forearm Crutches


While the Loftstrand Crutch is considered the industry standard of excellence, 
we selected a Walk Easy product for the fun colors they offer in their powder coated finish.

We have so many fine products to choose from, these are but a few. 
 Browse our web store to find the mobility aid that offers you the best in function and fashion, one that matches your personal style. Thank you for your interest on our products.