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Rocky Mountain Juniper Hiking Stick with Compass

Rocky Mountain Juniper Hiking Stick with Compass

Price: $189.95
Part #:776HS

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776HS - Rocky Mountain Juniper Hikers - Rocky Mountain Juniper has become a favorite amoung our customers so we have expanded our collection. Grown and made in Canada, our Juniper Hikers are filled with colour and character. No two hikers are the same. Some have small pieces coming out of them, whereas some are smooth with a slight twist to them!

Rocky Mountain Juniper is slow growing making pieces that are two to three inches in diameter well over 100 years old. Each stick has been naturally dried rather than harvested. The darker pieces are weathered and sun dried.

All of the Juniper hikers and canes are oiled rather than lacquered. An oiled wood provides protection against fading while allowing the wood to breathe. You can use Brazilian Rosewood Oil once a year to maintain your hiker if required. Rosewood oil is sold as a product called Penofin. Web search Penofin to find a local supplier. In Canada, Windsor Plywood may sell this product.

Available Hikers, unless stated,

  • Lengths - Approx 58"
  • Thickness - varies between 1.25" - 1.75"
  • Tip Size - varies
  • Weight of Hikers - varies between approx 1 Lb - 1.75Lbs
  • Weight Bearing - up to 250 Lbs

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