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2071 Straight Adjustable Derby with Ice Pick - Available in Black and Bronze. If you don't like the regular ice picks then this straight adjustable aluminum cane is a good alternative. The ice pick hides away inside the shaft when not in use, so it can't catch on your pant leg or snag on furniture.

These canes are constructed from strong light-weight anodized aluminum and come with a metal lock nut which adds to the strength of the construction as well as to the life of the ring. Remember to Walk in Style and Walk in with a Smile ¨

Available Canes

  • 2071-08 Black
  • 2071-03 Bronze
  • Length - adjustable from approx 29 - 37"
  • Tip Size - 3/4" or 18 mm (Item #2800-98 black or 2800-94 brown)
  • Weight Bearing - up to 250 Lbs
5 Stars
I don't need a cane except for balance walking outdoors in low-light conditions. This item is perfect for my needs. I am most impressed with the website and company - clearly a genuine interest in the welfare, convenience and comfort of those who need canes
Reviewed by:  from Edmonton. on 11/3/2020
5 Stars
Ice Pick Cane
Dear friends at Canes Canada, My mother always used to say: "Are you satisfied, please tell others. Are you unhappy, please tell me." Because of this I am approaching you first, rather than posting a review of the cane I purchased last year. Initially I was fairly happy with the cane, although I noticed right away that the Ice Pick mechanism made the cane pretty noisy with each step. I also noticed that the little ice pick lever tended to get loose, so I was regularly tightening it. I found that, even when I used some pliers to tighten the lever, it would still get loose after a while. One day I did not catch it in time, and the whole lever came off. I tried everything to get it back on, but to no avail. Now, even if I could get it back on, I would just as soon get rid of it altogether. It seems to me that there is no way to get rid of it, short of sawing off the end of the cane. All in all I like the looks of the cane, and I like the feel of the cane, however, the ice pick feature is just a "pain in the cane" to me. Do you have any advice for me please?
Reviewed by:  from Vancouver. on 5/22/2018
5 Stars
Enjoying my cane
I totally enjoy my cane . I walk my little Bichon shitzu cross four times a day. The cane has many uses. I give my puppy the opportunity to choose our route. This may include crossing a ditch. My cane gives my walking a sense of stability as I manoeuvre up and down the banks and and through the tall grasses of our rural ditches. After all, I am 76 years old and don't want to break anything at this stage of my life! I have never used it as a weapon but should an " enemy" approach , i am comforted by the fact that I have something that would frighten a would be attacker away. I also use my puppy walking time to help keep the town clean from garbage. The cane is really handy for wrestling a plastic bag or a chocolate bar wrapper from its entrapment in the taller grass. Thank you for being there for me with an item of quality and purpose.
Reviewed by:  from Saskatchewan. on 3/18/2016

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