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Scrimshaw Dog Head Canes
Scrimshaw Dog Head Canes

Scrimshaw Dog Head Canes

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Scrimshaw Dog Heads - Although these canes are not real scrimshaw, they still carry that unique flavour of the real thing! Scrimshaw was carved from bone; however, ours are a reproduction made of a polymer resin. They are a fashionable balancing aid.

Polymer resin is a softer material than the Italian Molded handle canes. For this reason we recommend using the Scrimshaw canes for special occasions or for collecting.

Available Styles

  • Bull Dog
  • 1072-08 Black Shaft
  • 1072-07 Brown Shaft
  • Retriever
  • 1086-08 Black Shaft
  • 1086-07 Brown Shaft
  • Whippet
  • 1085-08 Black Shaft
  • 1085-07 Brown Shaft

Length - approx 36Ó
Tip Size - 3/4Ó or 18 mm (Item #0398-08)
Weight Bearing - for light weight bearing or balance for those up to 170 Lbs.

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