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ere are some comments from our customers.

At Canes Canada we feel customer service is the most important part of our business. Canes, walking sticks, hiking staffs and other mobility aids are often needed quickly and since each cane is a personal statement of one's style and personality, we strive to see our customers get the very best care possible. So if you would like to know more about us and our reviews, please read the comments and testimonials from customers below.

January 2016

Hi Ashley,

I just wanted to let you know that my mom loved her cane; it is beautiful – and thanks for the special attention/service you gave me to make it all happen!

Happy New Year!


Dec 7 2015

Subject: Thank you for your donation to our Harambee silent auction

Dear Ashley and Canes Canada,

Thank you for your silent auction donation to People for Progress Foundation's Harambee 2015 event in support of our educational and humanitarian aid programs. We had a very successful and enjoyable event which was well received by the full house who attended.

The hiking sticks and bear bells attracted a lot of attention and the people who acquired them were very happy and impressed with them.

Our educational programs enrich the lives of so many people â€â€œthe children, their families and their communities. They empower people, helping to break the cycle of poverty and improve quality of life.

All funds raised are being used to bring hope and opportunity to children who would otherwise not have the chance to attend school a beginning through our early childhood development school and continuing their education through our primary and secondary school student sponsorship programs. Our programs in turn create jobs for our teachers and staff and bring economic benefits to the entrepreneurs and businesses in the communities.

We are embarking on a program to provide scholarships to students in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. These scholarships will empower students in their studies by enabling them to attend schools outside the camp increasing their chances of continuing their educations at a post-secondary level.

Attached is a copy of our Fall/Winter 2015 Progress Report. Updates on our programs are posted on our Facebook page and our website which contains more detailed information on our programs. We hope to be able to continue sharing future updates and Progress Reports with you along with information on upcoming events.

Our vision is to impact the communities where our educational programs operate and to empower individuals as future leaders.

Your support and contributions to our programs is deeply appreciated. Without that support People for Progress Foundation would not be able to enrich the lives of children, families and communities.

Thank you for your contribution and support and for the joy and hope it brings to the children and their families.


People for Progress Foundation (PFPF)

Nov 2015


Very creative. I'm impressed.
Love the family feel if your company.



April 2015
My recent order of a cane was terrific â€â€œ I had great help answering my questions before I bought it, and it arrived perfect in every way. The height is exactly right.
I think your service is exceptional, this is my third order, and I will definitely not go anywhere else.

Thank you for the specialized service.


March 2014
MESSAGE: I would just like to let you know we received our order in
record time and my son was over the moon with it. He is taking it to his Grade 12
Formal so he can show it off to all his friends. So thank you heaps for your prompt shipping and if we are ever in need of another
formal walking stick we would not hesitate to order from you again.
Dear Lyndall,
I want to thank you for the kind words about Canes Canada. Your feedback is important and appreciated, not only to us, but also to our future customers.
We strive to provide the best possible canes and mobility aids to our
customers and their comfort is our satisfaction.
As long as our customers are happy using a cane that suits their style and needs, we know our business will thrive. So testimonials like yours are
extremely important to us.
Canes Canada would like your permission to use your testimonial on our website.
Thank you,
Customer Service Representative
Dear Kelsey,
You have my permission to use our feed back in any way you wish.
As we are in Australia I would once again like to say how impressed we
were with the delivery and the quality of your product. I thought it was
going to take weeks to arrive, and I was also a bit skeptical as to how the cane would look once it arrived.
I am not a big fan of ordering on line but my son was more than happy with the product.
So thankyou again.
Best wishes and Happy Easter.

Dec 2014

I have been meaning to email, I have wanted to tell you just how much I LOVE my rainbow cane!
I get compliments on it everywhere I go.
Thank you so much

June 2014

Dear Canes Canada and Kelsey,

Warning: This is an unadulterated LOVE letter and its going to get windy and mushy!

I live in the Adirondack Mountains in New York and my mom lives outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Just as we were about to leave after a recent visit, I suddenly felt the need to check her two different commercial, U.S.-store-bought, adjustable, ultra-light-weight aluminum canes.

To my horror, both of them were about to break or collapse.
(The push-button adjustment thingy was still operable, but the constant pounding of using the canes had caused the adjustment holes to stretch/enlarge by at least a factor of two from the original hole size, putting enormous stress on the canes at the point of adjustment.)

Not wanting to terrorize my dear mum, I warned her that they seemed a bit "wobbly" and she might want to take it easy on themâ€Å“ especially on the stairs, until I could get her new ones, which is a laugh because they are her only means of mobility. To my surprise, she knew they were breaking but hadn't taken it seriously. Then I carefully measured them and returned them to her.

As soon as I could, I started searching the Internet for ONE PIECE ALUMINUM CANES, which would provide her with additional cane strength, but that could be custom-sized, because like most people she needs two different sizes, 33â€Â on the left and 33â€Å“ on the right.

Well I searched and I searched. I â€Å“Googledâ€Â it over and over, reading lots of pages of good useful information and in the process gaining invaluable â€Å“key wordsâ€ÂÃ‚ to search on, but I could not find what I was looking for: a company who would sell a one-piece, Sheppards - hook - top, lightweight aluminum cane that could be custom-sized -- at any price!

I â€Å“Amazon-edâ€ÂÃ‚ the search. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Now I was beginning to worry. Hours of reading Internet site pages began to slip by. Then I stumbled upon "Canes Canada" and voila!! It looked like they had exactly what I was looking for, but to be sure I decided to call and talk to a real person.

Enter Kelsey at Canes Canada: polite, knowledgeable, detailed, compassionate, understanding, and an absolute delight to work with! (Canes Canada, you need to keep this woman at all costs! She is amazing.) The clouds opened up and the sun decided to shine on my lucky day!

My Mom got her custom-sized canes delivered to her farmhouse door yesterday (since she canâ€â„¢t walk out to her mail box, Iâ€â„¢m doubly glad I shipped them direct to her from Canes Canada via FedEx Ground).

She was already raving about them by last night. She loves the special palm grip handle for the left hand, she said it feels â€Å“softâ€Â and doesnâ€â„¢t pinch the way the traditional round handle was doing. The Sheppardâ€â„¢s-hook-top right hand cane being 7/8â€Â diameter felt â€Å“strongerâ€Â than her original (because it is!) cane . . . and she likes that feeling of strength and stability very much.

She asked me if I could get her left hand cane in the same materials as the right, but until Canes Canada can find a manufacturer to make one with the palm grip handle for the 7/8â€Â diameter aluminum, I told her itâ€â„¢s not going to be possible. Now to â€Å“sweeten the potâ€Â if thatâ€â„¢s even possible, these two (2) custom-sized one-piece aluminum canes even with special FedEx Ground direct shipment were less expensive than one (1) not-specially sized, not as strong U.S. cane of comparable features and design! Holy cow! Please look into listing your goods on Amazon. In doing so, you could be helping a lot of people below the border like me and my mum.

Canes Canada and Kelsey, you have saved two lives: my motherâ€â„¢s and mine.

I cannot begin to thank you enough!

Thrilled in New York, Melissa Heshmat

August 2013
I bought your Field and Stream laminated cane in 2004 from Duluth Trading Company in Wisconsin. It has served me well daily since then and has occasioned many compliments. It easily bears my weight and is as strong today as on the day I first used it. Thank you for your excellent craftsmanship!

- John F. Swenson

Nov 2013

Since I bought the wooden seat cane from, I hardly
ever go out without responding to people who come up to me to ask where I got
it. I wonder if you would send me some business cards to keep handy for
those who inquire?

I'm actually curious to know if your sales in
Montreal have increased since I bought this cane. I have verbally given
your website name to at at least twenty people in the last year alone.
People here mostly speak French and may have some trouble with your
English-only site, but I speak French fluently and have given information
about the cane in French. For example, I always mention the maximum
weight, which is a big selling point for me. Your wooden cane is much
more sturdy than the alluminum type, which are sold here in Montreal. In
my personal experience, an alluminum cane which I bought here in Montreal
broke while I sat on it - I was painfully bruised and cut as a result. (I only
weigh 140 lbs., well under the weight limit of the alluminum canes.) As
such, I strongly advise against buying alluminum seat canes for frequent

I am very satisfied with my cane.

I never leave home without it.

Jennifer MacEachen

June 19/13

Sheila, I wanted to write to say that, my cane arrived in good order and condition - I LOVE my new cane. Canes Canada sized it perrrrrfectly! I picked it up last Wednesday, and put it to work immediately. Thank you, Canes Canada!!!

S Hemingway, Toronto, ON

January 23/13

Canes Canada, I am totally thrilled with this shoe horn and it is much like the one I had gotten my husband previously and it lasted for so many years. Thank you for your trouble in cancelling the other one. I appreciate your customer service.

Sincerely, R. Brown
November 14/12

Once again thank you for your always great customer service and helpfulness. You offer quality products and service. I now have 9 canes in my collection and each and everyone of them receives comment about the style and quality of the workmanship. I have referred you to a number of colleagues at work. They are equally pleased with your service and once again the quality of what you have on hand.

Thanks to both of you.

Yours sincerely, M Ross

Here is an article about the beginnings of CaneCanada.Com

When Sherry denBoer's balance started to go, she came to depend on a family heirloom â€â€œ an elegant wooden cane topped off with a brass eagle's head that had borne the weight of her grandfather.

But it wasn't quite the fashion statement the 48-year-old Haliburton resident was looking to make.

"It was very masculine. I thought, `If I'm going to need a cane for the rest of my life, why not have one to suit each mood, just like I'd buy a bag or a pair of shoes?'"

It took a while, but denBoer finally found a company that also believes canes can be cool, not to mention a handy tool for smashing stereotypes about getting old and infirm. Much to her surprise, Canes Canada was a quick courier trip away in Calgary.

"I ordered two canes and when they arrived, I was actually excited," says denBoer, whose medical condition doctors still are struggling to diagnose. "I ordered one that is funky, the Highlander Blue, and I use it all the time. The other one is dressy. It'll be good for Christmas.

"You don't want your cane taking away from your clothes."

That positive attitude to the inevitable â€â€œ aging and failing health â€â€œ is what drove Llano Gorman to found Canes Canada ( eight years ago. Well, that and a faulty ladder that sent him crashing six metres to the ground when he was just 30. Fifteen operations, and 16 years later, he's still dependent on a cane..............continued below

Continue article at the Toronto Star site..........