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Is there a Stigma to walking with a cane?

Is there a "stigma" to walking with a Cane in society today?

The honest answer is yes!

I hate to say it, as we are in the business of selling the darn things, but society has a "left over stigma" from the canes of the past fifty years.

The "stigma" comes from the aluminum adjustable canes supplied by hospitals and medical supply stores.

These were creaky, clunky, noisy and institutional looking things to say the least. No wonder they caused such a stigma in public. So you may ask, how did this come about?

Carbon Fiber Canes

Posted by D Fraser on 8/7/2016 to Canes, Walking Sticks, Hiking Sticks & Staffs NEWS

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Carbon Fiber Canes are made from the same carbon fiber material used in Airplanes, Formula 1 cars, and so many other products today.

Proven to be light, yet ULTRA STRONG, these canes are patterned, colourful and sleek.

Compact Travel Folding Canes make life easier, here's how!

Compact Travel Folding Canes make life easier, here's how!

Many clients use a standard cane or walking stick for mobility assistance.
Hopefully your walking cane is one you can be proud of. One that matches your style and personality.
If not, we have a huge Men's & Women's selection at CanesCanada.Com