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Discounted Twisted Cocobolo Derby Walking Cane - dents in handle
Discounted Twisted Cocobolo Derby Walking Cane - dents in handle

Discounted Twisted Cocobolo Derby Walking Cane - dents in handle

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Twisted Cocobolo Exotic Walking Cane:

The Twisted Cocobolo Exotic Walking Cane is elegant, fashionable, and highly functional so whether you simply add it to your growing cane collection, or use it as a daily walking aid, this cane is sure to impress! Its dark hues make it perfect for someone seeking an exotic walking cane that can be used with class and style in virtually any environment. Cocobolo is a rare Central American hardwood with a prized commodity among wood workers and cane collectors all over the world. Cocobolo is a tropical Central American hardwood that is stunning reddish-brown color that is beautiful and rare for both woodworkers and cane collectors. Depending on what part of the tree this wood is taken from, some parts of the wood can also be a tan/yellow colour. The craftsmen choose the finest Cocobolo lumber, cut it to size, work it on a router, sand it, and then twist it with the signature spiral. The finished product is a stylish, attractive walking cane that is fit for any occasion. The cane handle is attached to the shaft using a timeless mortise and tenon joint. This joint has been used by woodworkers for centuries, and it's known for its strength and reliability. The shaft and handle are worked with a router, and then sanded to a smooth perfection. The final piece is sprayed with a protective coat of clear lacquer, designed to magnify the wood's beauty.

Reason for discount: There are some dents in the handle. Does not affect the stability of the cane.

Please Note: There is only a Quantity of 1 available for this specific discounted item

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Please Note: This natural wood can vary in colour from reddish-brown to yellow or tan colours. Some Cocobolo canes will be partly yellow-toned along with red tones. Available colours will be shown in the images as well as the drop down menu when ordering.


Length - approx. 37"
Tip Size - varies
Weight of Cane - approx 20.6 ounces
Weight Bearing - up to 200 Lbs

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