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Genuine Malacca Crook Cane

Genuine Malacca Crook Cane

Price: $149.00
Part #:0073-00

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0073-00 Genuine Malacca Crook Cane - Malacca canes are made from the stem of an East Indian rattan palm plant. The natural markings and colour of this light weight cane are both simple and elegant. Please note, all bamboo and rattan canes may flex while being used. A slight flex is normal and doesn't mean that it is weak.

  • 0073-00 Genuine Malacca Crook Cane
  • Length - approx. 36" - 36.5"
  • Tip - comes with horn ferrule and rubber tip
  • Tip Size - replacement rubber 3/4" (#0398-08)
  • Weight of Cane - 1/2 Lb
  • Weight Bearing - up to 200 Lbs

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